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A photographer, writer and communicator by trade, and a composer and pianist by avocation, Alberto Bregani (1962) is one of Italy’s most natural and compelling black-and-white landscape and mountain photographers.

Born into an artistic family (his father Giancarlo was a climber and writer who also made documentaries about the mountains and won film and literary awards), Alberto grew up in Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

He has been an alpine skiing athlete (downhill) until the age of 20 and at 22 became a professional Alpine Ski instructor .  Before dedicating himself entirely to photography and writing, he worked for a long time in the tourism and communication industry, with some of the most important ski resorts in the Alps.

I grew up in Cortina d’Ampezzo, heart of the Dolomites. My childhood, my adolescence were surrounded by rocks, woods, creeks. I’ve been shaped by mountains. My destiny as a photographer couldn’t have gone any other way

Recent years | Main facts
Since 2005
he is an Academic member of the prestigious Italian Mountain Writers Group (GISM), an Academy of Mountain Art and Culture and has a huge following both on- and offline thanks to his conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclasses.

Between 2007 and 2011 he worked on a b&W medium format project entirely dedicated to awesome Brenta Dolomites.
As a result of this long project in 2012 his first photo book is published:Dentro e fuori le Cime. Dolomiti di Brenta, tra l’occhio e il passo“. The book is unfortunately out of stock

From March 2013 to November 2014, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Great War in Trentino ( 1914-2014), on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento he realized the official photographic project. For two years he and his dear friend and Mountain Guide Sandro Vidi they walked along ridges, glaciers and mountains to tell the sights of the Great War along the Austro-Hungarian mountain front in Trentino (512km).  The project earned him an honorable mention at the 2015 International Moscow Photography Award.  Here is the official video: Solo il Vento, Only The wind.
On the same occasion he realized a project only with his smartphone, to try to tell a different point of view, much more private and personal about the Great War. The project will be called “The Unseen zone”

In 2016, in Madonna di Campiglio (Dolomites), he founded “Bianco&Nero Montagna” (Mountain in Black-and-White) the first Italian school of photography, exclusively focused on black-and-white mountain/landscape photography, to run his personal workshops and masterclasses. After many years of shooting medium/large format analog cameras, which he still uses today for special projects, Alberto became an Official “Sigma Cameras” Professional Ambassador

May 2017, his second book (an essay)La montagna in chiaroscuro. Piccolo saggio sul fotografare tra cime e sentieri” (The Mountain in Chiaroscuro: a short essay about mountain photography), was published by Ediciclo Editore, remaining for long time on Amazon’s bestseller #top50 list in the “travel/mountain” section. 

In september 2020 the “3M Foundation, one of the most important Foundations for photography in Europe, has recently added to his huge collection, a Photographic Fund dedicated to Alberto Bregani, for the project “The Unseen Zone“, mentioned above. To visit the Alberto Bregani’s Photographic Fund click here .

On January 1, 2021 Alberto Bregani opened its own online store for the exclusive sale of his limited edition fine art prints from its most beautiful and well-known photographs.

His third book,Non Solo Sassi – La mia fotografia raccontata” (Not Just Rocks – the stories behind my photographs) is due for release summer 2022.

Alberto Bregani’s photographs feature in private collections, museums, Foundations both in Italy and overseas, and he has exhibited with solo and group shows in illustrious museums and galleries as well as photography venues in Italy and abroad.

In 2021 the MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, has acquired and included in its permanent Archive (Heritage Works) the 85 original photographs and related fine art prints, frame and museum glass 70x105cm and 70 x140 of the original project “ SoloIlVento“, two years of B&W photographic project ( 2013-2014) for the Autonomous Province of Trento, along the Austro-Hungarian-Trentino front, following the 520 kilometers of the Trail of Peace, realized on the occasion of the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War.

A member of TAU Visual, the Italian Association of Professional Photographers and U.P.P. (Union Des Photographes Professionnels) he divides his time between his mountains and landscapes, and Paris where he has been living with his family since end of 2018.

Maurizio Rebuzzini, one of Italy’s esteemed photography critic and historian, said

Each one of us opens the doors to a lovingly represented world when looking at Alberto Bregani’s photographs of the mountains (in the mountains), we enter a form of visual theatricality that blots out your surroundings so only the pictures exist. Take a close look at these photographs. They are poems.


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