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Alberto Bregani is one of the most important, well known italian B/W mountain photographer. He collaborates with companies and organizations on mid/long-term projects. Over the years Alberto Bregani has exhibited in many Italian cities, museums, art galleries and events. He has made photographs for advertising and project assignments; he has attended as a keynote speaker at many conferences about landscape and mountain photography.  

His photographs are pay homage to the form of nature “that we find terrifying yet also so appealing” and to which we should pay absolute respect. They are also a sad invitation to preserve and conserve the wonderful legacy we have been bestowed so that it may remain. His stunning fine-art works are found in private collections, museums, Foundations in Italy and abroad. Since 2005 Alberto Bregani joins the Italian Mountain Writers Group (G.I.S.M), the prestigious Italian Academy of Mountain Art and Culture. 

He is a SIGMA Official Ambassador since 2016

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golin180| Photographs embracing silence and soul |
Augusto Golin, writer, mountaineering historian, and head of film scheduling for the International Trento Film Festival.
Alberto Bregani, or rather mountain photography in its purest form. 6×6 medium-format, and real black-and-white film. Rolleiflex or Hasselblad. Photography as an interpretation of vibrations to be understood and incorporated in every still that can be created in medium format. His photos are essential, pure and powerful black-and-whites with a thousand nuances all captured exclusively on film; they are pay homage to the form of nature “that we find terrifying yet also so appealing” and to which we should pay absolute respect. Finally, they are also a sad invitation to preserve and conserve the wonderful legacy we have been bestowed so that it may remain.

smargia| Amidst, not outside |
Michele Smargiassi, journalist, essayist, photography historian, from “i Libri che Leggo”, on Repubblica.it.
Through the eye and footsteps. The eye represents the observant photographer while the footsteps belong to the person who walks amidst the mountains. That’s right, amidst and not outside, that’s what makes the difference. This photographic journey is a strenuous one as it comes at the price of the exertion and joy of walking and climbing literally in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites. The tradition of mountain photography is respected and updated, the approach lies “between the eye and footsteps”, the latter moves around the peaks and the former follows them, the black-and-white photographs are nearly all in Rollei square format and slip in and out of the space defined by the mountains.

torchio| Reinterpreting magnificent mountains |
Fabrizio Torchio, journalist from Trento and successful author of books about the mountains.
The result of Bregani’s photographic quest is a (extraordinary) journey with the eye over mountain faces we thought we knew but now see in a new light, over previously climbed ledges which are now completely new to us, and along paths we recall perfectly but through the interpretations of Bregani’s black and white seem to fade in a sort of chromatic infinity […] With his photography , Alberto Bregani decided to seek out – and has found – the meanings of magnificent, multifaceted mountains: light and snow, clouds and rocks, profiles, moments, and unique views. A journey of (re)discovery that adds his name to those of the finest interpreters of the mountains who preceded him.

FOTOgraphia| Majestic peaks |
Angelo Galantini, “FOTOgraphia” editor-in-chief
[…] The photographic project by the Italian Alberto Bregani has produced a monograph about the Brenta Dolomites that is exhilarating to say the least. If what the late German photographer Reinhart Wolf said in the afterword of his extraordinary “New York” collection is true – as it is – every photograph contains the care, hard work and (even physical) effort that went into taking it. This is why all of Alberto Bregani’s photographs of the mountains that make up this monograph encompass the expressions of his sophisticated approach: preventative preparations, getting to his destinations (often at dawn), waiting for the most suitable light and much more besides. In other words, a great deal of thought went into these photographs. These are knowledgeable, educated photographs. Let’s just say it: they’re photographs of love. They are taken with 6×6 medium format cameras (Hasselblads on tripods, where and when possible; otherwise a Rolleiflex twin lens camera when climbing walls. These photographs are officially flawless, so much so that they reaffirm yet without exaggeration the subtle and consistent relationship that links the content to its (necessary) form: in line with Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian painter who created abstract painting, and perceived reality as an immense musical score in which every sound and every instrument had a colour and shape and they were all harmoniously combined. The question of “shape”, as a quest for balance and harmony, was always at the centre of his process of artistic maturation. From this perspective, Bregani’s entire project – Dentro e fuori le cime – Dolomiti di Brenta: tra l’occhio e il passo – is quite exemplary both in his refined and compelling monograph, and also during the meetings and conferences held by the author, during which participants reap everything which may be helpful or essential: mountaineers take home masterful interpretations of beloved (and familiar) places, while photographers learn from his practical experience.

oasis100| A great black-and-white… mountain photographer |
OASIS magazine – 2013, March
With the publication of his new book entitled Dentro e fuori le cime”, Alberto Bregani proves he is one of the greatest B&W mountain photographers. In this day and age packed with colours immersed in a digital world, his photographic style and technique are virtually innovative.

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